Posted by: Paula Lenox | August 13, 2010

Oh the places you will go with technology! Summer Tech Camp 2010

We just completed 2 intense days of technology training for over 180 people (and only half were from our school!). We had several higher education representatives from more than 3 institutions in attendance as well.  It was a fast, crazy, wonderful experience.  I am overwhelmed, not by the information per say, but by the collaboration and teamwork displayed throughout the two days and the learning and personal growth taking place. I witnessed first hand how powerful sharing knowledge is, and how important it is to have time to share ideas and learn from others.  We had more than 17 teachers involved in teaching, and 6 outside instructors who came to share their knowledge as well, not to mention the wonder staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a very successful two days.

The amount of planning, and coordination that it took to have a summer technology camp for educators is daunting, and there are too many thank you’s to be said to mention individuals, so I will just say THANKS to everyone who helped, taught, participated, and worked behind the scenes to make this summer training a wonderful experience for all those in attendance.  The entire team should be proud of their accomplishments and know the ripple effect from this training will continue to change the lives of teachers, students and school districts for a long time to come.

My ideas for the next blog are running crazy!  Let me know what was your favorite class, idea, or moment during the two days!


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