Posted by: Paula Lenox | August 7, 2010

Museum Box

I came across this wonderful tool via a suggestion by a member in my Duquesne IT Doctoral Cohort (Thanks Tammy!), and again in the most recent Leading and Learning Magazine. I have yet to use this tool, but I believe it has application across grade levels and the curriculum for students to think critically, organize knowledge and learning.  This tool provides a platform for students to create their own digital research projects, interactive presentation or just simply a visual way for students to organize their knowledge.  The power of including not only text, but video, audio, documents, links, images and PowerPoints is something that should be explored!

To get a good understanding of the power of this tool take some time and look at the Museum Box on Stonehenge or the Artifacts on Abolition recommended by the L & L article.

What types of projects can you do with this tool?  Depending on the age and ability level of your students, you can start with simple one layer boxes to get student started with inserting artifacts about any topic you are studying.  Other ideas:

  • Research project
  • Writing assignment to support an argument – make a Museum Box instead!
  • Collection of student learning throughout the school year
  • Historical event presentation
  • Presentation on a Famous or historical person
  • Science concept understanding
  • Geography Project
  • Social issues
  • Artifacts for a debate

This list is just scratching the surface.  Post your ideas or comments to share!  I would love to hear your stories about how you use this tool in your classroom.


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