Posted by: Paula Lenox | August 6, 2010

Microsoft Who? Meet Google Documents

I have been crazy busy getting ready for the start of the school year and preparing for our second annual Summer Technology Camp for teachers.  I am so excited about the topics, presenters and the abundance of attendees!  I cannot wait.

One of the courses we are offering is titled: Microsoft Who?  Meet Google Documents!  I am looking forward to sharing some great instructional strategies for teachers.  Google Documents is so much more than just a web-based word processor.  There are Forms, Presentations, Spreadsheets and the capacity to upload files of ANY type now!  For today lets just talk about the use of Google Documents – or the word processor tool.

There are many personal reasons to consider using Google documents.

  • Personal productivity – keep all your important documents here so you can access them from any Internet enabled computer
  • Communication and collaboration with coworkers, peers and your Personal Learning Network

There are many positive Instructional Strategies that can be implemented in the classroom with students:

  • Note taking (individual and/or shared)
  • Writing assignments – peer editing or teacher editing
  • Student collaborative project – use to brainstorm and write collaboratively
  • debate
  • getting to know you – start your year with this
  • journal writing
  • Book Review

These are just a few of the ideas you can use Google Document with.  I found a great resource on LiveBinders (one of my new favorite resources).  Click here to Check it out!

Come back soon to find out about the other parts of Google Documents – Forms, Spreadsheets and Presentations!  And, as always, don’t hesitate to leave me a message or share your ideas!


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