Posted by: Paula Lenox | July 23, 2010


Linoit is a great tool to use in the classroom, similar to wallwisher.  You start with a blank canvas that you can select a background for, then you can post stickies, upload pictures, documents, make links to other websites.  I started this one to highlight our Summer Technology Professional Camp (August 11 & 12, 2010).


As a classroom teacher you can use this as your message board for your class, you can use the calendar for reminders and there is a feature to set due dates and receive email reminders if you want.   I do like the visual nature of this web tool and the ease of use and set up, it took only a few minutes to get started!

As with any web2.0 tool make sure you only post information you want people to see and do not post private information.  Linoit has a decent FAQ page and I found some great ideas and got a better understanding of the tool by reviewing it.  After reading their protocol, I recommend using this setting:

set the publicity “Public” + unchecked “List on Public Canvases” checkbox
– They won’t be listed on the Public Canvases on dashboard and the Popular Canvases (
– Users and guests can see the canvases with the canvas URL (give this out to your students, group or parents)
– Canvas URL can be modified by changing canvas name (incase you did not like your first canvas name).

I think this is a tool you can find many uses for – perhaps you can use the same list of ideas here as with Wallwisher?  I wonder which you will find more useful?  We should have a “Throwdown” technology style!


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