Posted by: Paula Lenox | July 7, 2010

Day 15 of Project 365 … SweetSearch

If you are looking for a safe, reliable search engine look no further.  This search engine searches only the 35,000 Web sites that a staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved when creating the content on findingDulcinea (whose mission it is to only bring the best information for any topic from credible sites that have been selected by educators, librarians and tech savvy people).  What this means for you and your students is the sites are previewed and recommended, therefore they provide rigorous, safe information without all the ads, and irrelevant search results.

There are several options to search with:

I will definitely be back revisiting this search engine and the links it takes you to.  It is truly one of my favorite finds thus far!  As an educator always looking for sites to help with research, I almost just uttered Google who!


  1. Hello Paula! We’re thrilled by your review of Sweet Search; it is just one of the free tools that Dulcinea Media provides to help educators teach students how to use the Web effectively; here’s a post explaining the rest:

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