Posted by: Paula Lenox | July 5, 2010

Day 13 . . . Google Calendar

I know you like having your desk calendar and your day planner, and the calendar on the refrigerator for each of your kids schedules and then there is your spouse’s secretary who has the keys to his/her calendar…. RIGHT?  If this scattered approach is working for you, you are dismissed,  the rest of you keep reading!   🙂

What can a Google Calendar do for you?  Well, here are a few reasons to use this tool..

  • SHARE – share your calendar with those you choose,  share your work events with your secretary or boss, share your kids schedules with your spouse or babysitter, share your vacation calendar with … well you pick.
  • REMEMBER – do you ever forget events you have in your calendar?  Google calendar will help remind you before you miss that appointment.  You can set reminders to notify you minutes, hours, days or weeks ahead of time so you will never forget that special day!
  • Get your calendar from any Internet ready device, that means computer or cell phone, so all you need is to have your phone notify you of events or your computer.  You can enter events on any device and it will be there for you.
  • FREE,  did I mention it is FREE?  Well, it is FREE.
  • Embed your calendar into your wiki or webpage, as a teacher you can put all of your course assignments, due dates and test and quiz dates for your students to access any time.

Think of the time you will save if you can have all of your calendars at your finger tips and share calendars with those you want.  If you have a cell phone with data capabilities you will always have your schedule with you.

Google Calendar is one of those productivity tools that are a necessity in this busy digital age.


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