Posted by: Paula Lenox | July 4, 2010

Day 12 LiveBinders

This web 2.0 tool provides you with a 3 ring binder of all your Web-based resource. You can organize your resources, share them and present them in a nice fashion. The other positive about this web 2.0 tool is the ability to view and use the resources by others.  You can search the binders of other educators and get an idea for the power of this tool.  Share the binders with your colleagues or your students.

Here is an example of a LiveBinder on Differentiated Instruction.

You can create one for your students so they don’t have to search the Internet aimlessly for information for a project, you select the educational sites for your students to visit.  Or you can  have your students create one for your class or to help them keep their research organized.

The one theme you will find in may of the tools here are resources from other educators who are willing to share their work and ideas.  Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to and why not create a LiveBinder and share with the world!


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