Posted by: Paula Lenox | July 2, 2010

10 Taggalaxy

If you are a visual person or if you are looking for great photos to inspire you, look no further, this Flickr photo search engine is for you!  Start with a simple keyword such as Garden, then select Flowers, and watch in amazement while a globe is filled with thumbnail photos of flowers!

This Photo says it all. W O W!  You can spin the globe, by clicking on it while moving your mouse, to look at all of the 235 photos on the globe, or hit the next page arrow at the top center of the page and look at the next 235 photos.  This combination of keywords (Garden +Flower) found 623,468 photos!  If you want you can continue to narrow down your keywords by clicking on the planets until you narrow down your topic more.  The combinations are infinite!

If you are working on a project with your students and need to find visuals, this IS your search engine.


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