Posted by: Paula Lenox | June 29, 2010

Digital Storytelling . . . Voicethread (D7)

Storytelling has been a tradition that has been around since the start of mankind.  The oral tradition of passing down stories from one generation to another has kept historical and cultural traditions alive.  In some cultures the tradition of passing on stories included images and symbol on cave walls, we have certainly come a long way.  The Center for Digital Storytelling assists people with the keeping stories alive through the creation of digital stories.   Collaborative, multimedia presentation/slideshow that can contain photos, voice and documents.

With the digital technologies available today and the wonder free tools accessible, digital stories can move beyond the single voice behind a story, to a collaborative multidimensional perspective that can include not only images but music and voice from many contributors around the world.  You don’t have to be in the same group, class, school, state or even country to work together, share ideas and make a contribution to a project, and even make a difference in the world!

Voicethread is just that and so much more!  Voicethread is a free online tool that educators are using in innovative ways. For example you can:

  • create a class story
  • relate personal experiences
  • have a discussion or debate
  • present poetry
  • creative writing
  • summarize you learning
  • compare and contrast a controversial topic
  • practice reading fluency and have students listen back
  • collaborate with other cultures
  • have post learning reflections
  • getting to know you ice breaker

These are just a few ideas.  I recommend you spend some time, explore the site, see how other educators are using the tool and try something new in your classroom.

SO WHAT… if you are asking yourself, so what, this is just another tool.  How will it benefit my students, why should I use it?

If you have ever had the chance to read the Revised Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by Andrew Churches, you will understand, if you have never seen or heard of this check it out.  If you want  your students to  reach the creating level in Bloom’s Taxonomy,  this is the tool for you!  Your students will be creating, remixing and publishing their work on the web.


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