Posted by: Paula Lenox | June 28, 2010

Apple iPad

Photo from: Apple announces iPad -

I know, I know.  The iPad is NOT at web 2.0 tool, BUT (that’s a really big butt) there are many applications for this in education and I could dedicate an entire blog just about it.  As a matter of fact there is a blog by a group of Arts Educators dedicated to the use of the iPad and the Arts called ArtsEdTech, it is a wonderful resource, take some time and see what they are saying about the technology.

iPads in education are a big buzz topic these days, everywhere you turn, blogs and articles are being written expousing the pros and cons, the advantages and potential pitfalls of this new portable, affordable technology.

While the educational jury is still out debating the potential, I will explore the possibilities, I am a glass is half full kind of girl, I like to look for the advantages while finding work arounds for the disadvnatages.  I am wondering about the usefulness of the iPad as an eReader for use in school libraries and classroms.  You can add a Kindle and a Nook App as well as use the eBooks in iTunes and use google book reader.  Maybe it has a place in classrooms for those features.  Just think, a classroom with students who have iPads with all their text books and reading books, all their files and data on the web….  hmmm I will need to get a few books on my iPad. I will keep you posted on my analysis and research.

In the mean time, take a look at The iPAD Academy so you can decide for yourself:


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