Posted by: Paula Lenox | June 26, 2010

Prezi . . . Day 4

Prezi is one of my most favorite web-based presentation tools around.  Once you get started you just cannot stop!  It frees you from the constraints of the usual PowerPoint presentation and lets you think outside the box by starting with a blank canvas that you build from sctatch.  Take a look at this Prezi that I created for a one hour Web2.0 class last year :

click here to go to the prezi: Prezi Example

You can insert text, images, links to video, and upload files. You can group ideas or topics together by placing them in frames, and  build a path to take you on your presentation.  Prezi provides you with plenty of tips and short “how to” videos, and as always there are videos on YouTube!

Take some time to explore Prezi, remember when you sign up, if you are an educator click on the student/teacher licenses, this will get you more Prezi features for free, you will find your students will love the departure from PowerPoint too!

One final resource for you:

(Click on the Image to go to the webpage)

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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